About the issue



Bangladesh is a south Asian country with population of about 170 million people living in an area of 57,000 miles, bounded by India in the West and North, Myanmar in the East and Bay of Bengal in the South.

The people residing in the country are poor but happy. Hunger and homelessness is not an acute problem. Threats of terrorism is not as alarming as in the western societies. US, UK has more terrorist attacks than the Asian countries including Bangladesh. Life and living is not under threat by any standards albeit comments of some critics. The floods and cyclones are regular events here. The government and the people of Bangladesh have developed resiliency and strategies to manage and make the through natural disasters.

Recently, Myanmar has so far pushed more than 613,000 of its own population living in the Rakhine state, a bordering province with Bangladesh, since August 25, 2017. World has witnessed the horrendous acts of cruelty, murder, rape, ruthless killing of babies and adults, and torture. I have interviewed many survivors now living in camps and heard their horror stories. Reports your read and heard are real and sad. Global relief agencies and local public responded with massive support providing food, shelters, medical services, and daily necessities. But the need is massive. The Bangladesh army is doing a commendable job by ensuring discipline, safety and security. The camps stretch over an area of 3,000 acres of land bordering Myanmar.

Here is a map from Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)’s website. They have hired over 1,000 staff and built the largest medical facility.