WAPPNA- Doctors

WAPPNA donates to the Rohingya Refugee Camp in Unchiprang in Coxs Bazar.
Several doctors belonging to WAPPNA ( Women Physicians of Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America ) went to Coxs Bazar on a medical mission in Nov 2017. During our stay there we visited the Moinargona refugee camp and provided medical help and supplies to the Rohingya refugees. We were able to distribute food items, blankets, clothing and medications to those in need. We provided medical services to hundreds of patients on a daily basis. But on our return home we were looking to partner with an organization that was already doing the same work and one whom we could rely on. We were fortunate to make contact with Dr Mawdudur Rahman and through the help of Bangladesh Aquaculture Alliance we will help them provide much needed food items including milk. We are also donating towards the construction of toilets which will be used exclusively by women to provide them privacy. We hope to continue our collaboration as and when we receive donations to our organization.